Lisa Greco

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At energia, we practice a holistic approach to health and wellness by looking at how all areas of your life are connected. 

Owner and Head Trainer Lisa Greco is certified in both personal fitness and group training by the National Exercise Training Association®, as well as a Certified Integrative Health Coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's cutting-edge training program. She holds additional certifications in anatomy and kinesiology, exercise and diabetes, exercise for arthritis,  breast cancer recovery, kickboxing, aqua fitness, dynamics of running, injury prevention, stability ball training, Body Bar® , Booty Barre®, body mind connection and dynamics of stretching.




Lori Brooks- Group X instructor - Throughout her life Lori has always been dedicated to her fitness. A few years ago she decided to take it one step further, and through the guidance of one of her instructors, she pursued her Group Fitness certification. Lori believes it's extremely important to follow a daily exercise program with an emphasis on proper form and technique. As one of her class participants you will be carefully instructed and guided through the process. You'll see noticeable results, and most importantly, you'll have fun.


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Sharene Jones - Certified Integrative Health and Culinary coach. Growing up in TN with a 70's health food mom, Sharene's knowledge of healthy eating is second nature. But more than just wanting to be healthy, she loves GOOD food and helps her clients develop workable eating and cooking strategies that are not only healthy, but taste delicious! If you want or need to change the way you eat, Sharene can teach you how to navigate the conflicting world of healthy eating and help to build a better relationship to food that nourishes your body and soul. Along with exercise, changing your eating habits will help you look and feel amazing!